All Florence Bridge pieces are hand crafted in London with our specialists teams. In fact, all aspects of our production are sourced within the UK – from the digital printing of our silk to the silver embossing on our leather accessories. We aim to keep our carbon footprint down to the minimum by undertaking all our production within the UK.




We believe in slow fashion and have a commitment to using only natural fibres within our products. We aim to use zero ‘man made’ plastic fibres to reduce plastic pollution and the damage that plastic and synthetic fabrics cause the environment. We encourage our customers to recycle their packaging where possible.




All the leather, sheepskin and Mongolian lambswool used in Florence Bridge products are genuine and sustainably sourced from responsible companies within the UK. The animal products used are not bred specifically for their skins and as such the materials used are natural by products. We use as much of each skin as possible to reduce wastage and keep hold of all our leather scraps – this is how many of our unique patchwork leather pieces were originally created!